Bob’s Day

Hi I’m a 5th grade teacher at Home Town elementary school, My name is Bob. It’s almost the end of the school day I’m so exited. The bell just rand all the students ran out and Bob ran out just like them. Bob went home right a way. He said hi to his Mom Betty and his Dad Joe. Bob ran up stair’s and got ready for his date.

Bob was on his to Sophie’s house, he was checking his hair and suite. Once he got to Sophie’s house he went to the door and picked up Sophie. In the car he told her she looked very nice and she said the same. They went to the nicest restaurant in town House of Chen. Then they got seated they had the nicest seat in the whole restaurant.

Sophie like their seat a lot. They started with an appetizer of smoked salmon, Sophie’s favorite. Though Bob does not like salmon but he ate it for his girlfriend. They continued with their five course meal. They had their favorite foods, except for the appetizer.

They then shard a slice of chocolate cake. That was both of theirs favorite. After they finished they got the check and left. In the car Bob asked Sophie if she wanted to come over to his house and watch a movie, Sophie loved that idea. They went to the movie store, and got a movie they both like “Cheaper By The Dozen”.

They drove over to Bob’s house. When they got their they went inside. When they got in Sophie’s jaw dropped, she saw Bob’s parents sitting on the sofa. Sophie said “oh I forgot my jacket in your car” Sophie and bob went out side.

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From this poll I have learn that most kids favorite subject is math. The second favorite subject is P.E. and, the third favorite is science. Sadly Language Arts got no votes.

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What I do on the weekends

Most weekends I go to Woodbrun drag strip. I go there because my brother drives a Jr. dragster.

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The trip to the candy store

Early one day Andrew went to a candy store. While he was there he got a pound of the most sour candy he could find. Once he got home Andrew ate all the candy. After ward his face was still puckered and his tong was sticking out. He was also wonder what would happen if he ate 2 pounds 4 and so one. In four days he ate 16 pounds of the candy. Once he ate the 16th pound his tong was sticking all the way out of his mouth, and Andrew had the worst stomach ache. He cried it hurt so bad. After that he never went back to the candy store again in fact he never ate candy again.

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This weekend I bought an IPAD! It is very handy I just got the word press app and it make’s it very easy to use word press my ipad. And so fare my over all experience has been very good I only have 4 apps, but I will get more. The screen is the perfect size and the multi touch is very accurate.

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